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Sweet Amsterdam Stroopwafel | Waffles meet Cookies | Gluten & Da…

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☕️ PERFECT FOR COFFEE & TEA – Enjoy your Stroopwafels the Dutch way and let them sit on your mug to discover the gooey secret of them. Just like chocolate chip cookies in the US, Stroopwafels are a national treat in the Netherlands. Like grandma’s cookies we put just as much love and passion into each single gluten free Stroopwafel to provide you with the most special gluten free food you ever tasted – Dutch soft cookies 💡Often misspelled as stroop waffles, stroopwaffles or stoopwafels
👍🏼 FOOD ALLERGY FRIENDLY – Great taste minus the nasty ingredients which keep you from enjoying the things you crave most! Gluten and dairy free, soy free, non GMO, organic and authentically made in the Netherlands! Stroopwafels also make great birthday cookies or even low carb cookies! These individually wrapped cookies will be the best gluten free cookie, breakfast cookies and organic cookies you ever had! Plus, a great cookie gift and an excellent addition to any variety cookie pack
🧇➕🍪 DISCOVER THE SWEET SIDE OF AMSTERDAM – Grandma cookies & waffles in one? Only the Dutch could be crazy enough to combine the two most delicious snacks on earth and create something even more tasty! Stroopwafels are almost too good to be true! Imagine wafer cookies filled with a sweet gooey core of delicious caramel. A waffle crisp on a whole new level! Organic waffles without the bad stuff! No artificial ingredients, trans fats, preservatives or high fructose corn syrup!
😋 LET THEM SIT ON YOUR MUG – Our Stroopwafels have the perfect diameter so you can place them over a mug of hot coffee or tea. This way the gooey center melts slightly and every bite will be a taste of heavenly sweetness! We offer 3 different flavors to choose from: Stroopwafel caramel & cinnamon, Stroopwafel honey and sea salt & caramel. So whether you’re looking for that waffle cookie taste or rather are into sugar wafers – we got you covered!
🔒 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Try our caramel Stroopwafel absolutely risk free! If at any point in time – for whatever reason – you’re unhappy with your new favorite Stroopwafels just contact us! We’ll either refund you in full, send you a free replacement or work with you until you’re completely satisfied! Beyond Amazons regular return window and even when you already ate these delicious Stroopwafel cookies! Just message us and we’ll take good care of you 🙋🏼‍♀️