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Meat Shredz – Premium Dried Pulled Pork (Variety, 4 Pack) | No P…

Grillie Rated The Best BBQ Grill Device Of 2020 by Online Recipe Shop

Price: $25.95
(as of Jul 09,2020 19:03:32 UTC – Details)

WHATS INCLUDED – 2x Black Pepper and 2x Spicy Sriracha pouches. Premium dried pulled pork made with real meat and a list of natural ingredients you can actually understand. The cuts are slow-cooked before dehydration and later infused with aromatic spices. Crazy tasty and tender texture.
NOT YOUR TYPICAL JERKY – A convenient high protein snack and an excellent meat topping to any existing meal. With any moisture, it transforms into pulled pork texture in seconds. Our product compliments most familiar dishes (e.g., ramen, soup, and salad) and a healthier alternative to canned meat and bacon.
NO PRESERVATIVES, NO MSG – Our patented recipe gives you the most tender dried, shredded pork in the market with a unique preservative-free shelf stable nature. The pulled pork contains no MSG, artificial flavors or preservatives yet lasts up to 1 year!
TRIED, TESTED, AND RECOMMENDED – If you’re wondering why you should use Meat Shredz premium dried pulled pork, the world is wondering why you are not. Our product is recommended by fitness and health bloggers, influencers, columnists and rated “Best trail food by far.”
USA HANDCRAFTED CONVENIENCE – A compact, resealable package weighing only 2.2 ounces, great for backpacking. Handcrafted in small batches to ensure that you receive superior quality and freshness. Ideal for use by campers, hikers, athletes, healthy lifestyle consumers, and just about everyone.