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Grillie 1 Pack

Grillie Rated The Best BBQ Grill Device Of 2020 by Online Recipe Shop

Price: $24.95
(as of Jul 09,2020 18:33:28 UTC – Details)

GRILLIE is the GREATEST grilling device EVER! BBQ foods that would normally fall into the grill, for example: String Beans, Asparagus, Brussel Sprouts, French Fries and Meatballs
BBQ several foods simultaneously to mix flavors: Like Chicken, onions, garlic and apples, pears or peaches and Pork, onions, garlic and apples, pears or peaches
Moist, Healthy and Flavorful Food. Almost all the time Grillied food will be moist. Healthy because foods once deep fried can be cooked on the BBQ with the Grillie.
Prepared Meals. Grillie can be pre-loaded with food and kept in the refrigerator until ready for use. Perfect for picnics, tailgating, camping etc.
Ease of use. No more turning each piece of food on the grill. Just use a grill fork to rotate the Grillie. Grill 100 wings (5 Grillies) in 15 minutes.